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Book Review-The Girl on the Train

It’s been awhile since I’ve last wrote a post – same excuse every time #ForgiveMe?

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately (my personal goal is 2 books a month) and I want to share what I thought about the books I’m reading… so what better way to share then starting my very own book club? *SPOILERS ALERT* – don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Book Review-The Girl on the Train

This book has been heavily marketed to be the next big Gone Girl.  It was nearly impossible to get onto the subway without seeing an advertising poster or seeing someone reading the book. Due to peer pressure I had to read the book.

The Girl on the Train – By Paula Hawkins

Storyline :
A debut psychological thriller that will forever change the way you look at other people’s lives.

Rachel’s life is spinning out of control. When she’s not drunk on gin, she’s drunk on wine. She gets on the 8:04 train every morning sticking to a routine that is not longer valid for her, pretending to go to the job that she lost due to drinking. She hops back on the train in the afternoon to head home after a long, hard day of nothing, counting down the minutes till she can have a drink.

During her commute everyday while the train stops at the train tracks, she sees her favourite couple from the train window “Jess and Jason”, she calls them. They live her old home. The old home that held old memories of her old life with her ex-husband who had cheated on her. She felt like she knew who Jess and Jason was from the one minute a day she got see them through the window.

One day, Rachel sees something shocking. It only takes a minute for her to see everything before the train moves on but it’s more than enough time. Rachel becomes obsessed with this and then Jess, who’s real name is Megan goes missing. Rachel is feel frantic about her “friends” and goes to the police with little information she has. Who do you trust? Who do you not trust?

The author, Paula Hawkins does a great job building suspense from one situation to another. The characters are complex and well developed which is great to use for character study and development. This well-written plotted psychological thriller jumps from one character to another confusing the reader on who the antagonist is.

Although at times, I must admit that the book read at a slower pace. It’s difficult to relate to any of the characters since they are so extreme with their personalities and none of the characters become likeable. At times it seems like it jumped around from one messy drunk characters problems to another and you’re reading through the pages quickly judging them all stuck in the middle of a messy conversation. The answers are obvious while reading the book but nonetheless, it is entertaining.

Overall I did thoroughly enjoy this book but at times it fell short. I think my main problem was that I had a very high expectation for it. It’s great for a weekend getaway, quick suspense book that is easy to read through. I wouldn’t be surprised if this novel gets turned into a Hollywood film soon.

Have you read the The Girl on the Train? What did you you think?


Get the Look, sweetheart

Lifeofksong - GTL

I recently made this “Get the Look” tutorial for work and thought that it was time I shared it with you guys. I know it outlines as a Valentine’s Day look but who says you can’t wear this look on a random Sunday just because?
Get ready to follow the step by step instructions below and a whole lot of me :)




A whole lot but a lot of nothing? – January 23 – 25, 2015

Hiking OOTD

Put your hand up if you’re suffering from Monday blues!

So here is a secret about me. I absolutely love what I do… so I actually don’t suffer too much from Monday blues. Yes, getting up in the mornings are tough and I look a bit more rough on Mondays because getting that extra 20 minutes of sleep is a better idea then putting on makeup but once I get into work… my day isn’t so bad.

This weekend, I feel like I did a whole lot but a whole lotta nothing at the same time.

Here it is, the breakdown list:

Head out of work at 4:30pm (who wants to stay for a full day at work on a Friday?)
I already know it’s going to be a good evening since I don’t have to make dinner.
I hop on the train, subway delay, subway delay then speed walk home since it’s so cold outside.

My daily at home routine, cooking or not consist of cleaning. How does my place get so messy within a span of a day? It’s a life mystery.
The Love comes home from work, we wait for his brother in law to come over and then we head out for some dinner.
I was really craving some Korean soups since I feel like it has been forever since I’ve had Korean food… and plus did I mention it was freezing cold out?

soontofu - lifeofskong

Dinner turned into a good night of drinking (I swear I don’t have a drinking problem) with traditional rice wine. If you haven’t had Korean rice wine, you’re missing out! It’s a white, a tad sparkling, semi-sweet, kinda sour, magical drink. *TIP add Sprite and you’ve got a party in your mouth!

From there, we all headed back to my place and just relaxed. Great conversation with some after dinner snacks (because dinner is never enough), Friday was a great start to the weekend. Of course, it’s not a party without me passing out on my couch before midnight, waking up at 4am in a haze.

Oh glories Saturday!
I got to sleep in which is always, always take advantage of. Even if I do wake up early, you’ll find me snuggled in bed with Tank and the Love, pretending to be sleeping… (usually strolling through social media under the sheets) just for the pure satisfaction of not having to leave the bed!
At around 10:30am I finally decided that it was only human of me to actually get out of bed and do normal human stuff.
I made some breakfast (I have finally mastered the perfect, fluffiest old fashion pancakes). Peameal bacon, eggs, pancakes with extra syrup on the side please!

Breakfast - Lifeofksong Homemade breakfast - lifeofksong
What a great Saturday so far.
We were originally going to go snowboarding but it was a tad wet outside and I wasn’t too confident on my new snowboarding skills to hit the slippery slopes. We opted in for a nice walk/hike instead. It’s become a weekly traditional for us to bundle up, get Tank in his winter gear and head out.

It’s amazing what escaping the city for a couple of hours can do. Nature in the winter time is truly beautiful.

Hiking OOTD

After the hike, we decided to head to Pacific Mall (for those outside GTA – it is a Chinese Mall that has everything and anything you can think of). We didn’t have anything specific we needed but wanted to just browse for the sake of it. We ended up trying on some glasses and grabbing some snacks – curry beef balls, fish balls, tripe and egg bread… yes… they all sound soo exotic but are honestly the most delicious thing ever!

Who doesn't love strawberry flavored pocky sticks?

Who doesn’t love strawberry flavored pocky sticks?

My Love knows the way to my heart and decided we do some more take out tonight for dinner (We only go out for dinner or take out once a week sometimes bi-weekly). What was really special about this dinner is that it was just a binge of some good, classic fast food (Taco Bell, Manchu Wok, and some non healthy Greek salad from Jimmy the Greek). Oh yahhh, my Love is one romantic man <3

Eat, eat, eat… happy happy happy!
We decided to stay in and just binge watch on some movies. 2.5 unsuccessful movies, horrible later, Saturday was over.

Oh Sunday, everyone has a love hate with you.
I woke up at around 7:30am thanks to Tank who was begging for food.
After feeding him, I ran back into bed, so soft and comfy but couldn’t go back to bed.
I lazied around for a bit then got up and did some chores around the house.. again… messy.

I made a kick ass frittata with everything and anything left in my fridge – kale, peas, peppers, onions, tomatoes and more!

Egg pizza - lifeofksong

The Love had to go to work so I decided to be a good house girlfriend and do some more house chores while watching Gilmore Girls and then started on Sunday dinner.
I made a pork roast with roasted tomatoes, salad and beans (aww mom look at me making a well rounded meal!).

After mowing down on the food, we were originally going to meet some friends but they didn’t get back to us till after 10pm… Seriously, who has time to go out at 10pm on a Sunday? I need my precious sleep.

Well you can guess how the rest of the evening goes – after dinner snacks, movies and cuddles.

*breathe* that was my weekend. A whole lotta stuff with a whole lotta nothing!

How was your weekend?


Broken Casserole Dish – Jan 20, 2015

French Onion Soup

Wake up at 6:30am
Play with Tank.
Eat Breakfast.
Walk Tank.

Tank - lifeofksong

Time check – 8:10
Wake up the Love.
Get my bag packed.
Head out the door.

That is my general mornings. I try to do things in a very calm state since I’m not one for running around in a panic trying to get things done.

Walk to the subway.
Metropass swipe.
Read my book (2015 goal – a book a week, on book number 3 for January).
Exit train.

After work I headed to the LCBO and then the grocery store to pick up last key items for my dinner tonight – Homemade French Onion Soup with a kale, beet salad (with goat cheese of course), and peameal and egg sandwich.

Side note: I’ve been trying to challenge myself to cook every night (minus the days we go to a friends house). And I don’t mean peanut butter sandwiches or eggs but real meals with substance that look great and taste amazing. It’s become a new passion of mine… whatever I’m craving…. why not make it instead of buying it?

I got home at around 6pm after a slight delay on the train, which I personally don’t mind because it gives me extra me, quiet time where I don’t have to talk to anyone. A time where I can unwind, read my book and let me thoughts take me away.

I knew my dinner was going to take my some time to make so I quickly got into my kitchen.

One shot of brandy for the soup, one shot of brandy for me.

I had lots to do but couldn’t do a lot of it since it was best to do right before eating.

Onion-Chopped lifeofksong

One fun adventure that happened while cooking is that my casserole dish broke in the oven! I have never had that happen to me and it is a dish that I have been using for a while. I clean up as much as I can but don’t succeed that much since the oven was still hot and I had too much going on in my kitchen.

But why does a casserole dish even break? It was more like a shatter but details… I thought they were suppose to withhold a lot of heat? It was also placed in the oven in room temperature (so no drastic cold to hot) and it exploded about 40 minutes in the cooking process.

The cooking must go on!

The Love and I had his sister and husband come over yesterday for dinner which was a nice break from a heavy-loaded day.
A bottle of wine, beer and great conversation later, we made it to bed at 1:30am (which is crazy for me since I tend to pass out at around 10pm daily). Call me crazy, but I wasn’t too tired for work!

French Onion Soup

How did you guys spend your day?

Any new recipes I can try?


Daily Blogging – Can I do it?


So after a lot of thought, I decided to be dedicated to my blog.
I’ve been flirting with the idea of daily blogging but always ditched the idea because my life isn’t exciting.

Well… I’m going to attempt to do some daily (and when I say daily, I mean every other day, sometimes every 2 days) blogging (maybe one day turn into vlogging?).

You’ll see a lot of boring stuff like makeup


Or talking about the struggles of finding proper shoes


but you’ll also follow me on fun journeys with fashion


On cooking


and so much more!

I hope you guys enjoy following me!!

Instagram: @lifeofksong


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